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  • Have to Keep Your Dog in Good Shape

    To help keep your dog in tip-top shape we’ve got 5 nutritional tips you should follow for optimal health in your dog:

    1. Raise a Grazer
    While many of us simply fill our dog’s bowl once or twice a day, your dog’s digestion will benefit from grazing-style eating. This means eating in smaller quantities throughout the day (we recommend at least two separate feedings) instead of one large meal that they quickly scarf down. Smaller, more frequent meals will mean slower eating and less between-meal hunger—both of which are better for your pooch.

    2. Understand the Proper Protein-to-Fat-to-Carb Ratio
    If you’ve ever examined a dog food label closely you’ll see various ratios and percentages on there. You should be paying close attention to these. An ideal dog diet should derive at least 10% of its daily caloric intake from protein and at least 5.5% from healthy fats. Their food should also be between 2.5% to 4.5% fibre. Up to 50% of their food can be carbs—but complex carbs are better than simple ones.

    3. Grazing without Grains
    While we encourage dogs to become grazers not scarfers, we don’t want to turn them into cows. Cows are designed to eat grains—but dogs are not designed to eat large amounts of grains. So, when choosing your dog’s food choose one that doesn’t have large quantities of simple grains, like corn and wheat, in the first two ingredients.

    4. Be Picky with their Protein
    Your dog needs protein—as you learned above it needs at 10% of its calories from protein—but not all proteins are equal. Look for animal-sourced proteins that aren’t some type of meat byproduct or animal bone meal.

    5. Know your No-Nos
    There are a number of super-delicious human food items that are delicious to us—but poisonous to dogs, so know the list—because some might surprise you! Foods to keep away from fido are: avocados, chocolate, walnuts, macadamia nuts, grapes and raisins, xylitol, cobs, pits and seeds, dairy (most dogs are lactose intolerant but love dairy products), rhubarb, milkweed, mushrooms, several spices and onions.

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